The Summer Season is the time of year we look forward to visiting the Jersey Shore for events, beaches, festivals, and a plethora of activities. But this time of year also means we are closer to the start of Hurricane season.

Even if a Tropical Storm or Hurricane does not hit New Jersey, the storm will still churn the Ocean and can impact tides on the Coast. For both Shore Town Locals and Vacationers, there is always a threat of flooding even when it is not raining.

According to the website Lawnstarter, Flood Season in the United States happens from June to November. Their researchers gathered information from FEMA to determine what counties in the United States are at the highest risk for flooding.

How many New Jersey Counties are rated High Risk for Flooding

After analyzing data on 940 counties in the United States, the people at Lawnstarter have ranked the areas Most-at-Risk for Flooding.  No surprise to anyone who lives in The Garden State, six of the top 20 Counties with the Highest Risk for Flooding are in New Jersey.

There are four New Jersey Counties just in the top five:

-Bergen County (Number One Negative Economic Impact of Flooding County in America)
-Ocean County (Number One Flood Risk County in America)
-Atlantic County (Number Two Flood Risk County in America)
-Cape May County (Number Six Negative Economic Impact of Flooding County in America)

New Jersey has waterways that surround the state to the east, west, and south, placing The Garden State on the short list of peninsula states in the United States.  The list includes Florida, Alaska, and Michigan while only parts of Maryland, Louisiana, and New York fall into this geographical category.

Here is the list of the New Jersey Counties that are on the list of Overall Most At Risk Flooding Counties in America. The number next to each county designates where they are on the overall rankings:

2. Bergen County
3. Ocean County
4. Atlantic County
5. Cape May County
16. Middlesex County
20. Monmouth County
26. Cumberland County
32. Union County
34. Burlington County
45. Salem County

Joining New Jersey with ten states in the Top 50 Counties at risk for Flooding includes Florida (10), Louisiana (10), Texas (6), and Oregon (4).

Despite the Risk of Flooding, there are many great reasons to live in New Jersey and not move away from The Garden State:

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