Everywhere you go, you see people on their smartphones. Whether they are scrolling on social media apps, typing up emails, or replying to text messages, everyone stays connected with today with their phones.

We all have applications on our smartphones we do not need or will use any time soon. Aside from the apps that come with your phone when you purchase it, there are a plethora of others on your device that you downloaded and used only a couple of times.

According to a joint press release by Charter and Company along with Vivid Ads, they gathered data from thousands of smartphone users to find out how often Americans are removing apps from their phones.

What Does New Study Say About Americans and Smartphone Apps

They found there are over 8,000 searches every month on Google for "How to delete social media" and many of the people performing those searches next proceed to remove apps from their devices.

The research by Charter and Company, 48.1 percent of Americans are deleting apps off their smartphones. The number one app most frequently removed from United States residents' phones is TikTok at a rate of 1 of every 42 Americans.

Researchers at Vivid Ads found that after TikTok, the other apps that Americans are removing from their phones at the highest rates are Tinder (1 in every 48 US Citizens), Twitter/X (1 in every 53 Americans), and Snapchat (1 in every 76 US Citizens).

How Does New Jersey Compare to the rest of America?

While almost half of United States Citizens are choosing to delete apps from their smartphones, New Jersey is not following this trend. The researchers at Charter and Company found that only 27.8 percent of New Jersey residents are removing apps from their devices.

Residents of The Garden State are removing apps from their phones at the second lowest rate of any state in America. New Jersey is just ahead of Wisconsin at 22.1 Percent. But the residents in The Garden State are not alone in the Northeast.

Pennsylvania residents also are below the national average with only 33.3 percent of residents deleting apps from their smartphones (4th lowest in the United States). Also, New Jersey's northern neighbors in New York have the 9th lowest percentage of residents removing apps from their devices (38.4 percent).

Other states in the Northeast that are well below the national average are Massachusetts (34.6 percent) and Connecticut (37.8 percent).

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