The Chicago Bears brought in quarterback Andy Dalton and per Dalton, assured him he was their starting quarterback for the 2021 season.

So what does that mean for former Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles?

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"I wouldn't take a Nick Foles to Philadelphia reunion off the table," said ESPN's Jeremy Fowler on Sports Center Saturday morning.  A few weeks ago when Chicago was looking to get Carson Wentz, they included Nick Foles in a potential package to Philadelphia."

"Those talks about been on going, there in place. Philadelphia is looking for a high level backup, someone that can come in and support Jalen Hurts."

Since leaving the Eagles, Foles has struggled as a starter, losing stating positions in both Jacksonville and Chicago.

This past season with the Bears, Foles had a rough year as the starter. In nine total games, the 32-year old had 10 touchdowns and eight interceptions, completing 64% of his passes for 1,852 yards.

While Foles has proven to be a very good backup, i'm not sure why the Eagles would go down this road again.  With Doug Pederson no longer here, Foles has no connection with the new coaching staff.  Bringing in a backup who has a statue standing outside Lincoln Financial Field doesn't seem like a smart idea if you want to give Jalen Hurts a fresh start to his career as the starter.

With the Bears looking to dump salary and the Eagles looking to add a veteran backup quarterback don't be surprised if we see Foles in Philly for a third time.

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