One battle at training camp that many anticipated being up-for-grabs was the left tackle position.

While it appeared the fourth-year player Jordan Mailata was pulling away from former first-round pick Andre Dillard, Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni isn't ready to declare a winner just yet.

"Not decided," said Sirianni on Wednesday when asked if he has decided on a starter at that position yet. "No."

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Dillard has been dealing with a sprained knee and just returned to camp this week, giving Mailata the opportunity to run exclusively with the first team offense.

Well, Andre just got back," explained Sirianni. "How many days has he been back, two? So right now with him just getting back, he's working with the twos and Jordan Mailata is working with the ones."

Sirianni has preached competition all throughout this camp, refusing to name Jalen Hurts his starting quarterback, even though his actions indicate that Hurts is the unquestioned starter. It appears that is the case at left tackle as well, with Mailata the clear winner of this left tackle competition, even though Sirianni isn't ready to anoint him the winner to the media.

He did however, give a peek at what he might be thinking on Wednesday.

"I mean, you’ve seen who has been working with the ones at every position," Sirianni stated. "The guys have been working with the ones, I mean, that's who we're seeing as our starters at this point."

"That doesn't mean we've made a decision there. Again, Andre just got back -- I thought Andre was having a great camp. I think Jordan Mailata is having a great camp. It is just Jordan has been able to go the whole camp, where Andre had a setback."

"That's one that still needs to play itself out. But with where they are now, it's just because of the injury situation, and Jordan will stay with the ones for today."

Sirianni can say all he wants that this competition is still up for grabs, but rest assure, Mailata will be the starting left tackle when the team opens the season on Sept 12 in Atlanta.

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