It might not be until after the winter meeting in Las Vegas we find out where prized free agent Bryce Harper will play next year, but certain MLB analysts think that its going to be Philadelphia.

In fact longtime USA Today MLB columnist Bob Nightengale says you can, 'bank on it".

"I don't see anyway in the world that someone outbids the Phillies." Nightengale told me as a guest of The Sports Bash when I asked about Harper.

This doesn’t mean the Phillies will get him at a discounted rate, but the fact they’re flush with cash, makes them major players for his services according to Sr. baseball writer at The Athletic, Jayson Stark.

“Here’s kind of the way I read this. If this is about money, if it's about who piles the biggest heap of money in front of those guys, the Phillies will sign one of them because I am totally convinced that they are prepared to just gather up all of their loose change and throw it in front of both guys."

Another factor is Phillies ownership is willing able and wanting to add high-profile pieces, and Harper definitely fits that mold.

"I had a conversation with one guy this week that said he honestly believes there is just one team out there among the 30 that could, in his words, go crazy this winter," explained Stark.

"Guess who? He’s talking about the Phillies because of John Middleton."

Like Stark, Nightengale also believes the Phillies will throw the most cash at Harper, mentioning the Phillies could go up to the $400 million range for his services.

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