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Here is today’s show: Monday May 12th, 2014

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Beau Allen

7th round pick by the Eagles in Beau Allen called in to Mike and Todd to talk about getting that phone call late Saturday afternoon. Allen said that he fits a 3-4 scheme better than a 4-3 scheme and he got that experience last season at Wisconsin. Allen also got a chance to play with Super Bowl champion Russell Wilson, his locker was right next to his in Madison. Allen also talks about his long hair and the special reason why he keeps it long. Allen is listed at 333 pounds, but weighed in today at 329.

Scott Wright

Of Draft Countdown called in to talk about the selection of Marcus Smith and what the Eagles did in the other rounds of the draft. Wright said that actually it wasnt that big of a reach and Wright has him being drafted in the top-50 and ‘theres no question about that.’ Smith is a really good athlete and the Eagles did their due diligence and have plans for him. Wright also gives his winners & losers from the NFL draft weekend.

Top Tweets

It's a Monday edition of top tweets!

Tim Salmon

Doing pre and post game duties for the Angels is Tim Salmon. Tuesday and Wednesday of this week the Phillies will be hosting Mike Trout and the Angels. Salmon called in to talk about his up close experiences with Trout and just what kind of player he really is. "With Trout, there is production every single night...you take that for granted." Salmon also thinks that if Trout played for the Yankees or a team on the east coast, he would have been MVP last season. He's probably right.

Ryan Lawrence

Covering the Phillies for Daily News, called in on his off day! to talk about the Phillies 2/3 weekend against the Mets. It could have been a sweep, but the bullpen situation would not allow that to happen. Lawrence talks about the lack of options in that bullpen and what help should be on the way. Also on the outfield production and what can be done to fix that part of the team along with the bench.

5 Questions

1. Best draft pick by Eagles?

2. Worst draft pick by Eagles?

3. Do you have a problem with Chip Kelly making Philly "Oregon East?"

4. Should we stop fooling ourselves and say this Phillies team is just a .500 team?

5. Tim Salmon or Mike Trout?

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