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Jimmy Kempski is the place where you can find his work and Kempski calls in on Tuesdays at 3:05 to talk Eagles. This week Kempski goes over the offensive line and what 5 players we can expect in San Fransisco. The loss of Jason Kelce is a big one for this team and David Molk is someone you'll be seeing in there for the next two months. Also on Nick Foles and what he did against the Redskins, highlighting a few big drives and passes Foles was able to deliver. On the 49ers game: a tough game for this team without Mychal Kendricks returning for a long trip out west to play the 49ers. Follow Kempski on Twitter. 

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Eric Allen

Former Eagles CB and current ESPN analyst, Eric Allen, called in to talk some Eagles football with Mike & Matt. Allen talked about the comments coming from Cary Williams on Sunday in that the Eagles are 3-0 and you have to understand the sports science aspect of Chip Kelly's system. With the addition of Malcolm Jenkins, the IQ has gone way up on the defense in just 3 games, compared to last year. From a defender standpoint, the Eagles offense gives you fits because of the formations, personnel and coaching. Foles has been 'fantastic,' according to Allen.

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