Is Eagles head coach Chip Kelly creating the right culture or environment for winning?

Is he getting rid of all the bad seeds?

One former Eagles player isn't buying into what he is doing.

Cary Williams, now with the Seattle Seahawks said on 710 ESPN in Seattle today that he prefers the Seahawks environment to the Eagles.  We all know Williams was not shy about voicing his opinion, and did so about the Eagles practice habits last season.

"We was talking about the fact that our conditioning and things like was going to kick in because we worked harder than everybody in the National Football League with the Chip Kelly thing," he told the Brock and Salk Show on 710 ESPN Radio. "We got out there, we got our teeth kicked in. So all that conditioning didn't necessarily work. Preparation wasn't necessarily the greatest neither that week. When you're going up against teams that prepare well, practice well, coach well, it's difficult in games like that. I think towards the end of the year we were exhausted and we got outcoached the majority of the games."

While he told the hosts that he thought Kelly was a good coach, he hinted that his style would not work and indicated the reason the Eagles faltered late in the season had to do with Kelly.

"I enjoyed my teammates, I enjoyed some of the coaches but ultimately we didn't get the job done, and there was reasoning for that," Williams said. "Whatever that is they're creating, I didn't believe it. We went to one playoff game, we had a home playoff game and we lost that. And it was his first year, I understand that. I think he's a great coach, a tremendous coach. I just think that what's going on there isn't necessarily the right way of doing things, of winning games. He's won games, but when you're going against elite talent, elite players, elite teams, elite schemes, we weren't able to get the job done."

He also indicated that the Eagles were not physical enough and that the team was out coached.

"One, they were fresher," he said when talking about the Eagles loss to the Seahawks last year. "Two, they were more physical. And I think in the National Football League, physicality is huge and you need that physicality in order to win games. Coaching is a part of it, too."

So Eagles fans, is this Cary Williams just being Cary Williams on his way out the door, or do you think his comments have merit?



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