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Kenny Albert

Called the game for FOX on Sunday and he came on to talk about what he's been seeing with this Eagles team. Albert talks about Nick Foles and his inaccuracies along with the other struggles on the offensive side of the ball involving LeSean McCoy and the offensive line. Albert also chimes in on the loss of DeSean Jackson in saying that when you lose a dynamic player like that, there's no way you wouldn't miss him. Follow Albert on Twitter.

Jimmy Kempski

In here for Kempski's Corner. Kempski writes for and talks with Mike Gill every Tuesday this Eagles season. Kempski recaps the Rams game that saw the Eagles almost lose one to the Rams at the end. Kempski also previews a big SNF matchup with Eli Manning and the Giants. The Giants have a lot of momentum for this game, whereas the Eagles have very little. Plus, what kind of 4-1 record do the Eagles have? What is the identity of this team? Kempski answers these questions and more.


Who's In/Who's Out

Bob Cooney

From the Philadelphia Daily News on to talk a little but about the Sixers first preseason game last night against the Celtics. The Sixers dont have much talent on their roster, it's marginal at best, and that's going to mean a long season in 2015. Cooney isnt sure what to think of Nerlens Noel because he simply doesn't know what type of NBA player he'll be. Cooney also updates us on the status of Michael Carter-Williams.

5 Questions

1. Eagles going all black, do you like this move?

2. Biggest concern on the Eagles?

3. Do the Dodgers have enough to win World Series?

4. Are you sick of Richard Sherman?

5. 1964 Phillies, Wilt 100 point Game, 1960 Eagles, or announcing Frank Sinatra at Steel Pier as a teenager?

--Pete Giordano