Baker No Fine

Mike Gill and Matt Segal talk about the news that broke at the top of the show where the NFL announced that Redskins DL Chris Baker will NOT be fined for his hit on Nick Foles. Gill maintains that Peters should not be putting himself in that position by getting ejected, his team needs him too much. Agree or disagree?

Mike Quick

Former Eagles wide receiver and color commentator on the Eagles Radio Network and 97.3 ESPN FM called in to talk Eagles football through Week 3. Quick said he had no problem at all that Jason Peters did what he did to protect his quarterback. It does so much for your locker room, according to Quick. On Foles: "In the 4th quarter when Nick had to make plays, he made plays in all 3 games. He also said that he is impressed with a 3-0 record, but there is "room for improvement." Listen to Merrill Reese along with Mike Quick every week on 97.3 ESPN FM.

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Phil Sheridan

ESPN NFL Nation reporter, Phil Sheridan, calls in every Wednesday to talk Eagles football. Today Sheridan spent some time talking about the Eagles pass rush...or lack thereof. A pass rush would certainly make the lives easier for the players in the secondary, when talking about Cary Williams rant from Sunday. Sheridan does believe that the defense could get better, much like last season. With the way the offense plays, with quck TDs and plays, it's hard to be a dominating defense because they're on the field so much. Everything else is secondary beyond the offense. Follow Sheridan on Twitter.

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