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Here is today’s show: Tuesday May 13th, 2014

John Brazer

Phillies Director of Fun and Games and marketing guru John Brazer on set talking about the marketing aspect of a hometown kid in Mike Trout coming home, but playing for the other team. It's not like Trout plays for the Mets or Yankees, two enemies of the Phillies so that's good, but it is going to be different. Some 4,000 residents from Millville are expected to cheer on Trout tonight and that is why the Phillies have deemed tonight "Millville Night."

Mike McGarry

Press of Atlantic City writer covered Trout in high school at Millville on set to talk about what kind of kid he was playing for the Thunderbolts. McGarry said that no one really knew that Trout would become this special, even most MLB teams passed on Trout in the first round of the MLB draft. McGarry did say that with Trout's success, scouts are now focused on South Jersey baseball more so than ever. Trout was also a great basketball player for Millville scoring over 1,000 points. A better baseball player though!

Roy Hallenbeck

Was Mike Trout's coach at Millville High School and had a chance to see Trout grow into the player that he has become. Hallenbeck said that this all happened in the blink of the eye and "the only person in the world who thought that this could happen is Mike, himself." Hallenbeck described Trout as a 'little kid' coming up during high school, but always had his speed. Trout was always a dominating pitcher, but his senior season the coaches decided to transition him to more of an outfielder due to a heavy presence of scouts at his games.  Scouts would come to Millville High School every day and watched him practice, play, batting practice, etc. A MUST LISTEN interview:

Kevin Minnick

Covering Courier Post high school sports on set to talk about his experiences covering Trout. Minnick's paper does more the Camden and Burlington County schools, but he remembers when Trout was tearing it up for Millville, the newspaper tried to see as many of his games as possible. Mike Trout is the best player ever to come out of southern New Jersey.