Rollins Gone

Mike Gill and Matt Segal give their thoughts on the (impending) departure of Jimmy Rollins. After 15 years with the team, they have traded him to the LA Dodgers in return for two young pitchers. Gill goes back to his time covering the playoffs from 07-12 and remembers that Rollins was one of the few, if any players, who would talk to the media win or lose and really be a leader in that clubhouse. It's something that had to be done and it will be tough to see him in a another uniform, but Rollins will always be remembered as one of the best infielders in a Phillies uniform.

Johnathan Mayo

Covering the minor leagues for Mayo came on with Mike and Matt to talk about some of the prospects that the Phillies will be receiving in return for both the Jimmy Rollins and Antonio Bastardo trade packages. Mayo also talked about the two players the Phillies selected in the Rule-5 Draft in San Diego today.

Kevin Cooney

Covering the Phillies for Bucks County Courier Times. Cooney talked about the loss of Rollins more so in the locker room and said that for a player like Chase Utley, losing Rollins could be tough because that's the only SS he's ever played with. Could Cole Hamels or Utley be the next to go? According to Cooney, that could be the case because of the Rollins trade.

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Jeff Pasquino

All of your playoff starts and sits with our fantasy football insider Jeff Pasquino.

KC Joyner

The Football Scientist called in to talk with Gill and Segal about all the action this Sunday in the NFL. Joyner actually has predicted that the Cowboys will win on Sunday and win out the rest of the season to win the NFC East. That could mean that the Eagles are on the outside looking in. Oof.

John McMullen

NFL editor of The Sports Network talks with Mike Gill and Matt Segal about the Eagles/Cowboys game and other news and notes for Week 15 in the NFL.

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Longtime Phillies broadcaster Chris Wheeler talked with Mike Gill about the departure of Jimmy Rollins. Wheels covered Rollins his whole career until last season in the TV booth and said that Rollins always knew when the time was right to say something that could get him in trouble with the fans or media and that he was the type of player that didnt care if he got booed, it made him play better. Wheels also recites his favorite stories and memories of J-Roll.