ON DEMAND for 8.11.15

Jack McCaffery, columnist for Delaware County Daily Times, called in to talk about his column regarding Chase Utley and the Phillies. McCaffery writes that the time for the Phillies to trade Chase Utley is "now." McCaffery furthered his column on air saying that Chase Utley just cant hit anymore and he has been diminished to "warning track power." You're not going to get much in return for Utley, but the fact that he's blocking a young player in César Hernández is reason alone to trade him.

McCaffery also details what the next month of the season should be like and where this team will be next season with some of the young pieces that are expected to join the club.

McCaffery also wrote an Eagles column on the team's secondary injury to Jacorey Shepherd and whether or not the team can fill the need after trading original starter Brandon Boykin to the Steelers.