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Here is today’s show: Wednesday April 9th 2014

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Tim Kurkjian

ESPN MLB analyst Tim Kurkjian on here today to talk about the early season struggles of the Phillies. Kurkjian was at the Nationals game today and thinks that thew Nationals are 'way better' than the Phillies from 1-25. TK doesn't see the Phillies making the playoffs this season and thinks that thew Phillies really need to get on their game here because the rest of the division is only getting stronger. Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels, healthy, could be on the trade market come July.


Ryan Lawrence

Covering the Phillies for the Daily News called in with our Phillies report LIVE from CBP. Lawrence said that help could be on its way for the bullpen in the form of Mike Adams and perhaps a pitcher from AA. Lawrence also talks about the defense that the Phillies are struggling with including Jimmy Rollins and Ben Revere.  Follow Lawrence on Twitter.


Coatsey in this segment talking about the Flyers and possible match ups for the team coming up for the playoffs. The Flyers are playing the Lightning tonight in Tampa and there is still seeding that needs to be figured out. They are tied with the Blue Jackets right now with 91 points and it looks like it'll be the Rangers, Penguins or even the Bruins in the first round for the Flyers. 

5 Questions

1. Does the media and most importantly Todd Ranck over hype and overdue the scenery and views at Augusta?

2. Who will the cameras go after this weekend, i.e. show them every hole without Tiger Woods?

3. Rangers, Pens and Bruins: Pick your poison.

4. Is the media panicking on the Phillies?

5. How bad is the steroids problem (still) in the WWE?