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Here is today’s show: Thursday June 19th, 2014

Jeff Goodman

ESPN basketball insider Jeff Goodman called in to talk about the injury to Joel Embiid. Goodman was the first to break the story this afternoon that the right foot of Embiid is fractured and surgery would be necessary. Goodman talks about what the Sixers do now at # 3 and what players would be on the board now that the Cavs, at # 1, would most likely pass on Embiid and draft either Jabari Parker or Andrew Wiggins.

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Kurtis Townsend

Kansas assistant basketball coach under Bill Self called in to talk more about Joel Embiid and Andrew Wiggins. Townsend said that "the ceiling for Embiid is Hakeem and the basement for him is Serge Ibaka." High praise certainly for Embiid who now has a foot issue coupled with a back issue. Townsend said that the back issue isnt a big deal, but didnt speculate too much on the foot problem. On Andrew Wiggins: He's a player with huge upside and does indeed want the ball with the game on the line. Wiggins could have benefited from a better, more experienced point guard that looked to get him the ball in the open court.

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