Last season's July trade of pitcher Pat Neshek netted the Phillies a few prospects.  The Phillies still have those prospects and Neshek is back with the Phillies.  The one problem that exists is that Neshek's favorite jersey number, number 17 is now occupied by someone named Rhys Hoskins.  Neshek had some fun about his jersey number on Twitter, temporarily causing panic from gift givers throughout the Philadelphia region.

Without checking sales numbers, it is probably safe to assume that Hoskins has been the hottest-selling Phillies jersey this holiday season.  What would it mean Christmas morning if someone opened up their brand new number 17 Hoskins jersey... and Hoskins now wears a different number?

Some fans tweeted right back expressing their disappointment:

But alas - Neshek was joking.

Neshek's second choice for a jersey number over the years was number 37, which of course is taken by Odubel Herrera.  During Neshek's All-Star season in St. Louis he wore number 41.  That number is available.

Neshek then went on to Tweet that he is happy to sign anything for anyone who sends him an item with a self-addressed, stamped envelope.  Neshek is known for being generous with his time and with autographs.  So, whenever Neshek gets his new random jersey number, send one over to him to get signed.

Meanwhile, plenty of Phillies fans who still have a # 34 Cliff Lee jersey hanging in their closets from Christmas 2010 are grateful their # 17 Rhys Hoskins jersey is safe.

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