With the debate ragging about if the Eagles should draft a Quarterback with the 8th overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, we is overlooked is the need the Eagles have in the defensive secondary.  Arguably one of the top ten prospects in this year's draft is Florida Cornerback Vernon Hargreaves.

Phillymag.com and Birds 24/7 Eagles Reporter Josh Paunil explains why drafting Hargreaves would be a great idea for Philadelphia:

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

"You know we talk a lot about the Quarterbacks, understandably with how important the position is. But Vernon Hargreaves is one of the more realistic options at number 8 overall, he's a guy that the more film I watch of his, the more I hear about him from other people, the more you like him and the more you think he'd do well in Philadelphia. And I think he's a fascinating guy because he's only about 5'10", 200 pounds so relative for a football player he's not a huge guy; but I think its funny because he really is an aggressive, attacking type of Cornerback that Jim Schwartz would like.

"Even though he doesn't have that prototypical size he has that mentally of attacking, getting after people. Honestly on film its kind of funny to watch him play sometimes because he's almost bullying guys who are half a foot taller than him and who may have 40 pounds on him, but its just that mindset that he has, a skill that he has."

Paunil went on to say Vernon Hargreaves can be a major part of young core in Eagles secondary:

"If you have Vernon Hargreaves you can have a really good young core in the secondary and he really is a guy that you can help Jim Schwartz build a very good defense around if you have a guy like him at Corner....So really if you give Jim Schwartz Vernon Hargreaves I think its fair to expect some good things from that defense."

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