Over the last couple of days, the Philadelphia 76ers social media team has been teasing somewhat of a throwback surprise to make its way onto the internet soon. On Wednesday, the Sixers' official Twitter released a video, which gave the anticipated surprise somewhat of a 70s vibe.

It became clear the Sixers were teasing new uniforms. This year, the NBA will allow 12 teams to wear a throwback uniform -- with the Sixers being one of them. When the word got out, many anticipated a potential return to the Allen Iverson era-worn jerseys with the "76ers" logo. Unfortunately, that's not the route the team went.

This year, the Sixers will throw it back to 1971. At the time, the jersey design was brand new but short-lived. That year, the Sixers wore this design for only half of a season before doing away with it for good. In 2019, the Sixers would like to revive the look as they have been granted permission to rock the retro design.

When the Sixers released the teaser video on Wednesday, the final portion of the clip revealed a time on an alarm clock, which read 08/01 -- further meaning that an unveiling of the surprise was coming on August 1st. Then, on the date itself, the Sixers' Twitter account put out a Throwback Thursday tweet of the 1970-1971 Sixers.

In the picture, they are rocking the very uniform that they have revamped on Thursday. However, when the initial tweet was released, it was about three hours before the revealing of the surprise. Now, the Sixers have made it official and unveiled the new look on their official Instagram account after all of the speculation.

Justin Grasso covers the Philadelphia 76ers for South Jersey's 97.3 ESPN. You can follow Justin on Twitter: @JGrasso_

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