When the Phillies formally made all of the major league coaching staff "free agents" upon the dismissal of Pete Mackanin as field manager, many fans eagerly awaited the fate of fan favorite Larry Bowa.  In a time span that amounted to a collective 33 years, Bowa has served as a player, a coach, and a manager for the Philadelphia Phillies organization.  After Mackanin's managerial tenure came to an end, the Phillies and Bowa openly expressed a desire to continue working together.  It is now official that they most certainly will.

The Phillies announced in a press release on Friday that Bowa will become senior adviser to the general manager:

"Larry Bowa is a genuine Phillies icon and he has made enormous contributions to this franchise during his 33 years in uniform," said Klentak. "I have a tremendous amount of respect for what Larry has accomplished throughout his baseball career and I am thrilled that he has agreed to continue to impact the organization in this new role."

So, Phillies fans probably will see Bowa in Clearwater at Spring Training.  Like Manuel and Green, the role could include some on-field instruction during February and March.  Like Manuel and Green, the job is probably Bowa's for life.  Bowa has certaintly earned it.

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