The Phillies selected left-handed pitcher Daniel Stumpf with a Rule 5 pick this offseason.  Stumpf appeared in only a handful of games before he was suspended 80 games by Major League Baseball for testing positive for a performance-enhancing drug.  Stumpf headed into his suspension with a 40.50 earned run average.  Returning to the Phillies just before the All-Star break, Stumpf failed to impress the Phillies, who designated Stumpf's contract for assignment on Friday.

Taking Stumpf's place on the roster will be right-handed reliever Severino Gonzalez.   The move leaves the Phillies with Brett Oberholtzer as the lone left-handed pitcher in the bullpen.  Since Oberholtzer is considered the long-man in the bullpen, the Phillies are really without a traditional left-handed reliever.  Of course, a poorly-performing left-handed reliever does the Phillies bullpen no favors.

By designating Stumpf's contract for assignment, the Phillies have 10 days to make a roster decision.  The Kansas City Royals must be given the opportunity to purchase Stumpf's contract back for $25,000.00.   However, the Phillies could try to acquire the contract from the Royals in a trade.  But since the Phillies designated Stumpf's contract for assignment, he would also have to go unclaimed by the other Major League teams.

The move also frees up a 40-man roster spot.  The Phillies will need one when Aaron Altherr returns from the 60-day disabled list on Wednesday.

Stumpf appeared in seven games for the Phillies, with three appearances coming before his suspension and four after.  Thursday night against the Marlins, Stumpf allowed three earned runs in two innings.  On Tuesday, Stumpf allowed an inherited runner to score the game winning run.   Gonzalez returns having appeared in 11 games in 2016, with a 3.38 earned run average.

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