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Aside from Spencer Howard and Alec Bohm which Phillies prospect is a guy to keep a close eye on and could rise up the prospect charts?


Certainly Spencer Howard and Alec Bohm will get the attention at Triple-A this season. Most feel that both players will help the big club at some point. Of the others, I think last year’s first round draft pick Bryson Stott will move up the organization.

Stott could follow in the footsteps of Bohm as someone who can potentially play at three levels. Stott is 22 years old and played in both rookie ball and at Short Season Williamsport. I can see him starting at Lakewood with a chance to move to Clearwater and possibly Reading before it is all done.

Meanwhile, keep an eye on Damon Jones. He’s not as high on the prospect charts but could be someone to help the Phillies in 2020. Jones made 23 starts at three levels in 2019. At Triple-A he was 4-3 with a 2.16 earned run average in 11 starts.

Some think he could make the Phillies as a reliever this season, but he could more likely serve as depth at Triple-A as a starter. We could see him sooner than later.

We keep hearing about Joe Girardi’s love for Jean Segura at 3B, how is Scott Kingery settling in at 2B, does he look relaxed, as if he is finally found a home?


I think that while Scott Kingery played very admirably around the diamond, he is interested in settling into one position. While Kingery can capably play anywhere, the elimination of some of the extra drills could help with his stamina. Coming in every day expecting to play only second base is simply less work.

Jean Segura has had a few misplays in the early going. Thanks be was on a ball to his right and the other was in communication with Didi Gregorius at shortstop. They should not be an issue long-term; Segura should be passable.

When Alec Bohm rises, the early indication is that the job at second is for Kingery to keep. There could be an extra infielder if Bohm comes up, but Gregorius is on a one-year deal and Segura could take over shortstop again.

If Kingery played third he would have to move again when Bohm rises and I think they would like to avoid that.

Didi Gregorius and Rhys Hoskins are both struggling out of the gate in Spring Training on offense. Any concern there? Or too early to tell?


I think in both cases, it’s very early. However there is a real difference between the two. Gregorius is the seasoned veteran, and Hoskins is coming off of a touch year and is young.

Gregorius will go about his normal business. For him it’s about getting loose, learning his teammates, and getting some swings. Gregorius is almost predictable.

As for Hoskins, it’s pretty clear some tinkering took place last season. Hoskins had two hitting coaches last season in John Mallee and Charlie Manuel plus assistant hitting coach Pedro Guerrero. With Joe Dillon on board, more adjustment is necessary.

Among the adjustments: Lower hands and a more open swing. Dillon began that adjustment early.

There are three weeks left before the Phillies head East to Miami. Let’s check back in two.

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