Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Roman Quinn left in the top of the fifth inning Saturday against the Tampa Bay Rays after injuring his Achilles while running the bases.

Manager Joey Girardi said postgame that Quinn will undergo further tests on Sunday, but the tone sounded as if the team expected the outfielder could miss some amount of time.

“It does not look good,” Girardi said. “He'll be looked at further tomorrow.”

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The 28-year old who has struggled with multiple injuries throughout his Phillies career, was rounding third base and stumbled and fell on his way home, but managed to reach the plate an score the tying run, hoping on one leg.

Quinn had to be carried off the field and appeared to still be in a significant amount of pain, putting no weight on the injured left leg.

Quinn was just activated March 25 from the 10-Day injured list due a finger laceration, which forced him to miss about three weeks.

Matt Joyce replaced Quinn in right field after the injury. Quinn had gone 1-for-2 with a strikeout before his injury. The 5-year veteran is hitting .160 this season, his fifth year with the Phillies.

If serious, his injury puts the Phillies in a further squeeze in the outfield with regular right fielder Bryce Harper finding himself back on the injured list this week due to a forearm contusion in his left arm.

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