The Phillies community learned some very serious and disturbing news regarding one of their players. According to Jim Salisbury of NBC Sports Philadelphia, outfielder Odubel Herrera has been arrested on suspicion of domestic violence.  The incident relates to an incident that took place in Atlantic City last night on the off day for the Phillies.

Salisbury writes,

The alleged incident involved his 20-year-old girlfriend and took place at the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, according to a police report. Herrera was subsequently released from custody.


The police report also says the victim "had visible signs of injury to her arms and neck that was sustained after being assaulted by her boyfriend, David Odubel Herrera, during a dispute."

The allegation is one that Major League Baseball will take very seriously.

On the short term, Herrera will be placed on administrative leave, pending an investigation.  If Major League Baseball finds a substantiated occurrence of their Domestic Violence policy, the suspensions could loom large.

The most recent substantiated allegation occured recently with Chicago Cubs shortstop Addison Russell.  Russell's ex-wife first made a suggestion that something had occurred via her social media accounts in July of 2017.  By September of 2018, the Chicago Cubs learned on evidence that something had occurred.

Immediately, Russell was placed on administrative leave by the Cubs.  After the investigation, Major League Baseball levied a 40-game suspension on Russell, which recently concluded.  Russell has returned to the Cubs, but under heavy scrutiny from the public.

The Phillies have yet to release a statement, but they undoubtedly will.  Expect the Phillies organization to act quickly to denounce all domestic violence.  Also expect the Phillies to be sure that Herrera comes nowhere near the baseball field while an investigation occurs.

The most important thing of course is that such behavior will not be tolerated.  On a baseball level, the Phillies must be prepared to move on without Herrera.  Scott Kingery likely will get some time in center field while this is worked out.

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