When the Phillies posted the starting lineup for tonight's game against the New York Mets, Daniel Nava was in the starting lineup batting second.  This was a clear sign that something was up with starting left fielder Howie Kendrick, who was also not in Sunday's lineup in Washington, D.C..  Tuesday afternoon it was revealed that it was an injury keeping Kendrick out of the lineup.

Up in New York, Kendrick told reporter Ryan Lawrence of Philly Voice that the injury occurred diving for a ball in left field during Saturday's game in Washington.  Kendrick also pinch-hit Sunday and was very uncomfortable.  In Lawrence's piece, Kendrick describes the injury as in the upper rib cage or lower abdomen.

The Phillies are considering putting Kendrick on the 10-day disabled list, as Lawrence notes.   The new 10-day disabled list negotiated in last offseason's collective bargaining agreement means that the Phillies could give Kendrick time to recover and it not be too disruptive.   If that is the case, Roman Quinn could return to the Phillies for the short stint.

As far as position players go on the 40-man roster, Quinn has some Major League experience and might be best suited to make a quick appearance.  Jesmuel Valentin could be a consideration for the Phillies bench down the line, but the Phillies probably want him to keep playing.  Nick Williams and Dylan Cozens are both off to slow starts at Triple-A Lehigh Valley and probably would not be considered.


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