This offseason the Phillies have missed out on two of their early pitching targets.  Free agent left-handed pitcher Patrick Corbin landed with the Washington Nationals on a six-year deal.  Then J.A. Happ, another lefty, landed back in New York on a two-year deal with a vesting option.  Could the Phillies look to add a talented pitcher, albeit a right-handed pitcher?

Corey Kluber:

There does not appear to be a clear favorite.

Earlier this offseason it seemed certain that the Indians would move Kluber or starter Trevor Bauer due to cost considerations.  After clearing salary through trades of first baseman Edwin Encarnacion and other first baseman Yonder Alonso (even while taking on Carlos Santana), the Indians cleared some payroll and the Indians were supposedly "not as motivated" to move an ace.

But the Indians still need outfield help, preferably of the inexpensive, younger variety.  The Phillies could part with Odubel Herrera or Nick Williams as part of a trade.  It may cost them one of their top pitching prospects Sixto Sanchez or Adonis Media.  However, Kluber is signed to another three years of control, which would mitigate the blow of losing a young pitcher.

The Phillies would still not have a left-handed starter in the rotation, but the club could possibly make more moves even beyond an addition of a pitcher such as Kluber.

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