The Phillies head towards the August 2 2:00 p.m. trade deadline looking for a starting pitcher.  The latest trade rumor is one that probably will not work out for the club.  But it is a sign that the Phillies are willing to turn over every rock to find the right starting pitcher for the club.

Marco Gonzales

This one would be a real stretch.

The Mariners are one of baseball's top teams as of late, and, were the first big trade around this deadline, acquiring Luis Castillo from the Reds.  Why the Phillies might have called is that the Mariners now have six starters.  After all, even the Houston Astros traded an extra starting pitcher this year.

Gonzales is having a down year with the Mariners, going 6-11 with a 3.95 earned run average.  His earned run average is 3.95 but his FIP - fielding independent pitching that takes the defense into account - is a large 5.20.

Gonzales, however, has been better in the past and is signed through 2024 in a reasonable four-year, $30 million deal he signed prior to 2021.  The Phillies know that Gonzales has been better in the past and they could get value in the future.

But as Stark says, it's a sign the Phillies are looking everywhere.  Mariners general manager Jerry DiPoto is known for making a lot of trades, so it was worth the call.

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