There is no baseball in Clearwater (well actually the players not on the 40-man roster are down there). but when they are ready to get back on the field, there will be some new hats waiting for the Phillies if and when the Grapefruit League gets underway.

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Spring Training is place where they typically have exclusive gear, that you can only get in Clearwater, if you attend a game. However, these new hats should be available for purchase on the Phillies website.

TheScore ranked all 30 Major League Baseball teams Spring Training hats from the best to the worst, with the Philadelphia Phillies landing in the Top 10 at No. 7.

The blue bill is such a nice complement to the red on the majority of the hat as it makes the logo pop a bit more.

The Phillies have their classic red crown, but opted for a blue bill, and features the team’s "P" logo on the front with all teams going with a mesh-backed "trucker hat" style for this year.

The Phillies Spring Training hat was ranked the second best in the N.L. East, behind the Miami Marlins, who was ranked as the third best Spring Training cap.

The Washington Nations were 11th, the New York Mets were 13th and the Atlanta Braves came in No. 21 in the N.L. East.

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