The Phillies announced the final fate for right-handed starting pitcher Clay Buchholz on Tuesday afternoon.  Dr. James Andrews, renown surgeon, performed what the Phillies called successful surgery to replair Buchholz's torn flexor tendon in his right forearm.  The surgery likely ends Buchholz's season.

Additionally, the Phillies formally announced that right-handed pitcher Zach Eflin will start in place of Buchholz tonight when the Phillies take on the New York Mets.

The Phillies traded second baseman Josh Tobias to the Boston Red Sox in exchange for Buchholz this offseason.   There were other teams interested in acquiring Buchholz, but since the Phillies would be able to assume Buchholz's full salary, the Phillies ended up with his services.   Tobias is on the older-end of the prospect spectrum and was blocked by several second basemen, so really the deal only cost the Phillies money.

While Buchholz has been placed on the 10-day disabled list, he is a candidate to hit the 60-day disabled list, which will free up a roster spot for the Phillies.

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