And the trend continues for this years fightin Phils.

Another late game loss 10-6 to the Mets finished off a series sweep of the Phillies. They've now lost five of six, and find themselves four games under .500.

Each game seems to be a carbon copy of the other: Phillies jump out to an early lead, only to put it in cruise control and somehow find a way to lose the game late. The Phils need only ask the Flyers to see if this game plan works!

The answer...a resounding no!

Whether it's a lack of offensive fire power or a struggling bullpen, the question remains the same, how does this years Phillies team find a way to win games late?

Yes, "superMEN" by the names of Utley and Howard are on their way to save the day in a month or so, but that will only help to fix the offense. The bigger question to ask now is how do they improve the absolutely horrific middle relief?!

There's no easy answer for that one and time will only tell.

This is a new season, a new team, and new growing pains, but hold off on the panic button just yet, there's a lot of baseball still to play.

This story is to be continued...