Welcome Back Watkins

This week we welcomed back Danny Watkins, who hosted a few times on 97.3 ESPN FM last season to Chickie's & Pete's in EHT. Watkins said he's glad that he is done with his rookie season and now has a full year under his belt not worrying about a contract or being a first year player. He also said that he and his line mates are starting to gel a little, but there has been some breakdowns because of two new players on the offensive line this season, especially with Dallas Reynolds right next to him:


Meet Watkins

This is a game we played with Evan Mathis last week on "The Players Show." Todd Ranck developed a list of random questions to ask Watkins including: Coke or Pepsi, Seinfeld or Cheers and if he hits the snooze button when he wakes up in the morning:


In this segment we talked with Watkins about the Steelers loss on Sunday and about the turnovers problem the offense has been struggling with. Watkins believes that the offense has consistently gotten better scheme wise, and you can't let the turnovers bother the offense. On the Lions: they run a Wide-9 scheme as well and Watkins will have to deal with DT Ndamukong Suh. The two played each other in college and knows how good of a player he is:


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