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Here is today’s show: Wednesday May 2nd, 2012.



2:00 hour

Mike Gill and Todd Ranck open the show up with their thoughts on the Sixers Game 2 victory last night.  As Todd said yesterday, he isn't a believer in these Sixers just yet.  Mike Gill however, now thinks the series can be had. He was thoroughly impressed with how Evan Turner stepped up and played last night.

Mike Gill played a few clips of Chicago Bulls analyst Stacey King from his interview on Mike And Mike In The Morning and disagreed with many of the things King was saying.  Mike said the "number 1 reason why the Bulls lost last night was due to their guard play."

Junior Seau dies at 43

Some sad news came across the news wire that former Chargers, Dolphins and Patriots LB Junior Seau was found dead in his home.  It was later reported that he was found dead with a self inflicted gun shot wound to the chest.

Mike Gill read a tweet from someone saying "I dont know if I would let my child play football anymore." You the listeners continued to call in with your thoughts on Junior Seau and the effect concussions and the violent nature of the NFL has on players in their retirement.  Would you let your son play football?

Brian Engblom calls in

NBC Network NHL analyst Brian Engblom called in and gave his breakdown of last nights Flyers loss.  He still likes the Flyers to win the series, but the way the Flyers played was a total opposite of the Penguins series.  Mike Gill then asked him who he'd rather have in goal, Bryzgalov or Brodeur...Brian had a hard time answering that one!

4:00 hour

Our Eagles insider Ryan Messick hopped on and gave his thoughts on the Junior Seau suicide and played a clip of Luisa Seau, Juniors mother, reacting hysterically to the assembled media in San Diego, CA.  It is important to note that as of 5:00 p.m. est there have been NO reports of a suicide note being found at the scene, but police are investigating his death as a suicide.

Top Tweets

It's a somber edition of Top Tweets with many focusing on the death of Junior Seau.

5:00 hour

The 5:00 hour opens with some more Sixers talk.  Can the Sixers pull off the upset now with a 1-1 series and no Derrick Rose?  The Bulls are a resilient team who went 18-9 in 27 without Derrick Rose. Mike Gill now thinks this series could even go 7 games.  Game 3 is Friday night in Philadelphia.

Chuck Swirsky calls in

Chicago Bulls radio broadcaster Chuck Swirsky called in at 5:30 and talked about the mood in Chicago now that it is tied 1-1.   Swirsky said it was a "beat down in the 3rd quarter," but the Bulls should react in Game 3 and this series is far from over.  He also said that in last two years, Philadelphia has been one of the more underrated teams in the league because of the way they buy into their coach preaching defense.

It's time for 5 Questions

1. What can/should the NFL do to improve player safety

2. Have you changed your predictions on the Flyers or Sixers series?

3. Take your best guess as to who Sarah Phillips is?

4. Where were you when you found out Osama bin Laden was killed?

5. Whats your favorite ice cream flavor/give me your best "The Rock" impersonation?


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