One of the most popular ice cream shops on the Mainland is expanding.

Jersey Cow, located at 1600 Tilton Road in Northfield, opened to great fan fare and is doing so well, it is opening two new locations, in Brigantine and Absecon.

According to Rich Baehrle at Shore Local, the locations will be 610 Mill Road, in Absecon the former bank building and 3307 West Brigantine Ave., the former Aunt “B” ice cream shop in Brigantine.

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Aunt "B" was a very popular ice cream shop in Brigantine and will be missed.

Aunt B
Google Maps - Aunt B in Brigantine
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I'm not sure I have ever seen Jersey Cow not have a line, regardless of the time of year, the weather or time of day. In a very competitive ice cream market, Jersey Cow has hit a home run.

Absecon Bank
Google Maps - New Absecon location

When they have a line, it moves quickly, because they are very well staffed.

Not only do they have very unique ice cream flavors to choose from (here is their unique menu), they just get it.

What do I mean by get it? First impressions mean a lot and my first time there, they were closing and I walked up with my girlfriends son.

The girl at the window was doing her job and said sorry we are closed. While we were ready to turn around and leave with no issue, that's when one of the owners came running out to say, what are you looking for and gave both of us a free pint to take him with us.

He won us over and we have been Jersey Cow customers ever since.

However, it wasn't just the service that won us over, the product was outstanding and Brigantine will likely agree.

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