The NFL trade deadline is less than 24-hours away as all moves must be made Tuesday by 4 PM ET.

Philadelphia made a trade Monday with the Cleveland Browns for DE Genard Avery but don't appear to be done making moves.

The Eagles have been tied to multiple big names that could be on the trade block.

Who are the most likely options that would help kick-start a deep playoff run? What about options that can help for more than just one season?

Are there stars that are more available than we think?

Your guide to the 2019 NFL trade deadline below:

Seven of the most realistic trade candidates 

1. Detroit Lions CB Darius Slay 

The 28-year old Pro Bowler didn't appear to be available until Monday when news began to surface that Detroit is taking calls for Slay.

The Philadelphia Eagles were one of the teams on the other side of the phone according to ESPN's Chris Mortensen.

While making the Jalen Ramsey offer of a first and second round pick may be too steep for Slay, he is a top-tier CB in his prime.

A player that would significantly upgrade the defense now and for the foreseeable future? This is THE move. Howie Roseman should not be stingy if Slay is available.

2. New York Jets WR Robby Anderson 

The Eagles offense has become compact and slow since DeSean Jackson injured his abdomen in the season opener.

The Jets have a fix for that issue in a 26-year old deep threat named Robby Anderson who was placed on the trade block last week.

Philadelphia made New York an offer last year for Anderson, but the former regime was not interested.

It wouldn't be surprised to see them call again.

Even when Jackson returns, the Eagles need WR help this season, and for the future.

Anderson is an unrestricted free agent next year so how much Roseman offers would likely depend on if they expect to sign him to an extension.

3. Denver Broncos CB Chris Harris 

Chris Harris has been one of the more common names linked with the Eagles. The veteran CB has the versatility playing inside and outside that the defense loves to have in the secondary.

Denver has already established themselves as sellers trading away WR Emmanuel Sanders last week so a Harris trade is very realistic.

Would it be with the Eagles? At least one NFL insider doesn't believe so.

Reports say it might take a second round pick to pry Harris away from John Elway.

Much like a trade for Robby Anderson, the Eagles need to ask themselves if trading that kind of draft capital for a player that will become a free agent in 2020 is worth it.

4. Baltimore Ravens CB Jimmy Smith 

If the Eagles were trading for a rental player that they don't expect to get signed to an extension, Jimmy Smith might be the smartest way to go.

The likes of Chris Harris and Robby Anderson would still cost at least a second round pick despite being free agents next year.

Baltimore probably wouldn't ask that much for Smith. They don't have a lot of leverage after trading for Marcus Peters, and Smith's pending free agency.

A third or less for the 31-year old CB would likely be recouped through the compensatory draft pick formula if he left in free agency this spring.

5. San Francisco 49ers WR Dante Pettis

The 49ers 2018 second round pick has fallen out of favor with Kyle Shanahan.

After San Francisco added Emmanuel Sanders from Denver, Pettis could be on the way out.

At full health, Pettis would likely be the fourth WR on the depth chart behind Sanders, Deebo Samuel, and Marquise Goodwin.

It would be a low risk-high reward trade for a fast receiver that has shown glimpses of being a great route runner.

Pettis averaged 17.3 YPC and finished with five touchdowns in 2018.

6. San Francisco 49ers DL Solomon Thomas

After two disappointing seasons for the 2017 third overall pick, Solomon Thomas has been a nice surprise for the 49ers in 2019.

Thomas has two sacks and has made plays on both the edge and inside.

The Eagles need help on the interior and while Thomas has played mostly defensive end in San Francisco, he has thrived when pushed inside.

In fact, a lot of media members and fans of the 49ers have called for Thomas to be moved to a role at DT.

The 49ers might be open to a trade with Nick Bosa, DeForest Buckner, Arik Armstead, and Dee Ford set as the featured front four.


7. Buffalo Bills WR Robert Foster 

While this kind of trade wouldn't grab the headlines or excitement other moves would, Robert Foster could be an unexpectedly strong pickup for the Eagles.

After being the go-to target for Buffalo's offense in 2018, he has taken a back seat to John Brown, Cole Beasley, and Duke Williams.

He is the deep threat Philadelphia could really use (six 30+ yard receptions in 2018).

Not to mention he is cheap and young at just 25-years old. It probably wouldn't cost much to pull him away from the Bills.


Getting to a nice even number of 10 or so can be done.

Players such as Patrick Peterson, Geno Atkins, and AJ Green could be included. However, an NFC GM said Monday that calling the Bengals about trades is a "waste of time".

Meanwhile, Arizona has reportedly turned down an offer already from the Eagles for Peterson.

These seven players are the most likely to get moved that would help fill a need in Philadelphia.

It won't be long until we will learn what the Eagles decide to do before the deadline.


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