As the Phillies prepare for the 2018 season, the franchise looks to take the next step under new Manager Gabe Kapler.  Over the last three seasons the team is has a combined 200-286 record as the franchise underwent a hard rebuild after arguably hanging on too long to players who were past their prime and their stars could no longer elevate the team into the postseason.  The hiring of Kapler as Manager is a signal that the organization is ready to take the next step in their rebuild with young talents such as Rhys Hoskins, Jorge Alfaro, and Nick Williams looking to make an impact while playing a full 162 game schedule at the big league level in 2018

ESPN Baseball Tonight Host Karl Ravech joined Rich Quinones on Monday with his perspective on the Phillies heading into the 2018 season with their new Manager:

“ Kapler, that’s an interesting one compared to the other managerial hiring’s, he’s a different guy there’s no doubt about it and (Phillies) have as an organization bought all in on Gabe Kapler and for their sake I hope it works.  They do have some good young talent, who knows if (Rhys) Hoskins can repeat what he did, I thought (Odubel) Herrera kind of took a step back last year, Aaron Nola I saw through college and covered him during the run that he had at LSU.  They’re an interesting team because I do think they are closer than many of the other teams that are expected to peak in the next two to three years but by the same token I’m a little hesitant to think that they have all the pieces in the right places and I’d love to be proven wrong.”

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