The Bryce Harper saga could soon be ending, we recently learned.  But perhaps it is now clearer which teams that Harper will be choosing from as his free agency winds down.  One of the two remaining suitors: The Philadelphia Phillies.

On 680 The Score in San Francisco, Bob NIghtengale of USA Today noted that the negotiations are down to a "coin flip" between the Phillies and the San Francisco Giants, who entered late into the Harper negotiations.

“What their game plan is is they’ll probably offer a 5-6 year deal at good money. Probably $30 million a year or so, or probably more even, to try to get him. And say, ‘You know what, do you want a short-term contract to come to San Francisco, or do you want a long-term contract and go to Philadelphia.'”

Should that be the case, things bode well for the Phillies.

The Phillies still have money in the budget to add Harper and even another player or two beyond Harper.  Once Harper signs, then other players will begin to come off of the board.  Hopefully that will all happen sooner than later.

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