The Phillies were put into a tough spot last season after the suspension of Odubel Herrera.  While the Phillies at one time had depth at center field in the form of Aaron Altherr and Roman Quinn, with even some help from Andrew McCutchen, the Phillies seemed to be in a position of strength.  With Altherr's placement on waivers and Quinn and McCutchen getting injured, the Phillies turned to rookie Adam Haseley, who was impressive, though arriving ahead of schedule.

Therefore the Phillies might be looking to add another center fielder in 2020.

There are a few important takeaways, if this is the case.

First, the Phillies plan to keep Scott Kingery in the infield.  Kingery could have been that right-handed option in center field if they were able to add some depth in the infield.  Does this rule the Phillies out on a potential Kris Bryant trade? Maybe.  They will have Alec Bohm in the picture soon. But either way, it shows that the Phillies prefer to keep Kingery in the infield.

Second, Odubel Herrera is likely nowhere in the Phillies plans.  While it is easy to be upset over the nature of behavior that led to Herrera's suspension, Herrera was not very helpful to the Phillies on the baseball field the previous two seasons.  The Phillies may be ready to move on from Herrera for baseball reasons, completely separate from what occurred off of the field.

Third, the Phillies do not appear convinced they can count on Roman Quinn.  The very talented Quinn has repeatedly succumbed to injury.  With that the case, can they risk another situation where they find the cupboard dry if Haseley is unable to hold down the position?  Using McCutchen is probably not an option after his ACL tear.  So the Phillies seem to prefer certainty.

Of available free agents, maybe Billy Hamilton would fit this bill.  Hamilton is a switch-hitter and is known for his high speed.  But perhaps an acquisition would make more sense in the form of a trade at this point.  Who has a complementary piece they are willing to trade?  That is unclear..  But so far the Phillies seem to be trying to keep their assets.

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