We've seen him as a MLB player, bat boy, assistant general manager and general manager, but it seems as if Rubén Amaro wants to add MLB manager to the list.

According to The Boston Globe, Amaro and his team are making efforts to "remake" his image as a manager in MLB.

His agent is Bob Lamonte, who has a reputation of taking on such embattled coaches and players and repackaging those clients into brighter stars.

Take Jon Gruden, John Fox and Jack Del Rio for example. All three coaches were fired from their previous positions and were able to land on their feet due to Lamonte.

Here's more from Nick Cafardo of The Boston Globe:

"Ruben Amaro Jr. a manager? Bob Lamonte, the premier agent for NFL coaches and executives, has taken on a new baseball assignment — remaking the former Phillies GM. Lamonte, who has remade the careers of NFL coaches such as John Fox, Andy Reid, and Jack Del Rio, and transformed Jon Gruden from NFL coach to ESPN star, is now working with the 50-year-old Amaro and trying to sell him as a GM or manager. Amaro, who spent most of his eight seasons with the Phillies as their GM, would like to manage, and with the Marlins breaking that barrier with Dan Jennings stepping down from the front office to the dugout this season, Amaro, a Stanford graduate, appears serious about the challenge. Amaro, a former utility player for four major league teams, could appeal to a team such as Miami, which may be looking for a connection with Latin players. Lamonte is close to Tony La Russa, Walt Jocketty, and Pat Gillick, who all have endorsed Amaro pursuing a managing job."

So Amaro has high praise from the likes of Pat Gillick (obviously) and Tony La Russa.

I wonder how many Phillies fans would endorse Amaro as their manager? Although he may have more success as MLB manager as opposed to MLB general manager.

That didn't go so well.