While Phillies owner John Middleton reportedly deliberates what he will do in terms of the manager, the first Phillies shoe appears to have dropped.  Almost as expected, pitching coach Chris Young will not return as the team's pitching coach.  However, he may stick around.

Young spent just one year in the pitching coach role.

The Phillies, in fear or losing Young to other clubs, including the Atlanta Braves, promoted Young from assistant pitching coach this offseason.  That meant relieving incumbent Rick Kranitz of his duties.  It was Kranitz instead who joined the Atlanta Braves, who are currently playing in the National League Division Series.

Division seemed to come under Young as pitching coach, however.  Matt Gelb of the Athletic documented the new atmosphere under Young.  Pitchers on the Phillies staff had trouble buying in.  The Phillies may still believe in Young's pitching philosophy but try to find a better messenger to work with players.

Meanwhile, Gabe Kapler has not been approached about his job status yet.  Zolecki notes that it will come next week.  The wait time is rather curious, considering most clubs came to a conclusion about their manager before the season ended.  The New York Mets yesterday fired manager Mickey Callaway.

So while it is not totally clear where the Phillies are going as they approach the offseason, finding a new pitching coach will be on their list of things to do.

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