Before the NFL Trade Deadline, the Eagles added a play-maker for their offense when they acquired Wide Receiver Golden Tate from the Detroit Lions.  During his nine years in the NFL, Tate how shown he can be an impact player in the league with six seasons catching at least Four Touchdown passes.  Since 2014 he has the most Yards After the Catch in the NFL (2,736) along with the second most third-down receptions (124) over the last five years.  Tate was also a member of the Seattle Seahawks when the team won Super Bowl XLVIII and he was the team's leading Receiver during the 2013 season.

ESPN NFL Nation Lions Reporter Michael Rothstein joined The Sports Bash on Tuesday with insight on what Golden Tate brings to the Eagles Offense:

"Golden Tate is a very good receiver. He excels in the short to intermediate game off of screens and there's really no better receiver in the league, certainly no better healthy receiver in the league since Albert Wilson is hurt, at yards after the catch (and) at making defenders miss, that's what Golden Tate (does) and he’s done it for a long time and he’s done it really well for a long time - You see a lot of guys that are short and medium route guys that, frankly, they don’t always play all the time because they get hurt, they take a lot of hits. Golden Tate has done a fantastic job of keeping himself healthy, he didn’t miss a game in four-plus years in Detroit and he had over 90 catches every year, over 1,000 yards in three of those four years, he was on pace for over 90 catches and over 1,000 yards again (this season); He led the Lions in receptions and yards this year at the time of the trade, he’s a good player."

Checkout what Rothstein had to say about why the Lions traded Golden Tate, the 30 year old Wide Receiver's strengths, and more

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