With Sam Bradford totally M.I.A. over the last couple weeks and his agent Tom Condon serving as the spokesperson for the Eagles Quarterback, some have wondered about the why behind Bradford's trade demands and insistence on not showing up to Voluntary Workouts.  ESPN NFL Nation Eagles Insider Phil Sheridan was a guest on The Sports Bash Wednesday afternoon and gave insights into what Bradford is thinking and his psychology:

"Bradford, of all the NFL Quarterbacks I have covered over my career and this goes back to (Ron) Jaworski and Randall Cunningham back in the mid-80's, I've never met a guy that was sort of more disinterested or withdrawn from the whole media process. Sam Bradford, he'll do a weekly press conference and he answers questions and he's just fine, he's a bright guy and he answers pretty honestly at least it seems. But he's got no social media presence, when the season comes to an end he goes to Oklahoma and stays on his property there and you don't hear from him again until it's necessary. He's not a guy who goes to the Super Bowl and does Radio Row and talks to people. He's just not interested in all of that, he got a ton of money when he got drafted and he's got all the money he'll ever need and he wants to play football but the rest of it is not that interesting to him. He doesn't tend to do big sit down interviews with people, he's just not interest in his image or anything like that. So I have a feeling that once they decided on this course of action then Bradford was just fine having the agent take the lead as far as dealing with the media and all of this stuff and it's not (Bradford's) nature to do it."

Sheridan was then asked if Sam Bradford is an Introvert:

(Alex Goodlett/Getty Images)

"Yeah I think he is a little bit. You know he's a quieter guy basically. One of the things the Eagles' players made a point of last year was saying that the second half of the year (Bradford) really kinda came out of his shell a little bit, addressing the team in pre-game and he was more of a leader, taking on more of that kind of role, he felt more comfortable....When it comes to that other stuff, like dealing with the media, the attention and all that stuff, he just doesn't want to be apart of it and he's not interested in it. You know when he got engaged recently, I guess TMZ reported it first and I was trying to track down, just to get confirmation of it because I don't wanna just echo a TMZ report without trying at least to get the facts right. But Bradford wouldn't even answer the Eagles PR staff."

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