It's a simple question. Should Phillies catcher Carlos Ruiz be an MVP Candidate?


Let's look at his numbers. He's currently hitting .371 (2nd in the NL behind Melky Cabrera), his 31 RBIs are 15th best in the NL, his On-base Percentage of .422 is 4th in the NL, and his Slugging Percentage of .615 (2nd in the NL behind fellow Carlos, Carlos Gonzalez).

He's by far the best defensive, game-managing catcher in the NL, possibly all of baseball.

He's respected by every single teammate on the Phillies, including, most importantly, all of the Phillies pitchers.

He pretty much carried the Phillies pathetic offense through the first two months of the season (including Wednesday night's pinch-hit homerun against the Mets).

Maybe, just maybe, it's the Phillies struggles that are keeping the Ruiz for MVP groundswell at bay.

What do you think?