Pittsburgh Penguins star Sidney Crosby held nothing back in a recent interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  The Penguins star gave a candid response about an incident with Philadelphia Flyers center Claude Giroux during the teams playoff battle.

Giroux had to get off-season surgery to repair the damage to his wrists.

He was asked about Giroux's claim that Crosby broke his wrists while taking faceoffs in the playoffs and although he admit that he did it or that it happened, he was unapologetic for the incident.

"I don't try to go after his wrists but if I caught it, I'm not sorry for it," he said. "I think it's hilarious I hear that stuff from Philly. It's comedy to me to be honest with you. They're probably involved in that stuff more than any team in the league and they're the ones always talking about it. I guess I'm not apologetic. I was trying to win a faceoff and if I caught his wrist, then I caught his wrist. He seemed to play okay so I couldn't have hurt him that bad."

Now if only the NHL could get this labor dispute fixed and get back out on the ice so we can see these two guys play.

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