With the playoffs out of the picture, and franchise cornerstones Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons sidelined for the remainder of the season, it seems like an appropriate time to begin to look ahead to the 2017 NBA Draft for the Sixers.

Thanks to the shrewd deal-making of the organization’s previous General Manager, the Sixers could have up to two high lottery picks in the highly-hyped ’17 Draft – via the pick swap with the Sacramento Kings and the Lakers pick from the Michael Carter-Williams trade back in 2014 (top three protected).

At the very least, the Sixers will have their own lottery pick with which to add another top-tier young talent to their core.

With that in mind, here’s a look at a few potential top targets for the Sixers at the 2017 NBA Draft.


SF Josh Jackson, Kansas (Fr.)

Jackson could be the Sixers’ potential long-term answer at the small forward spot. A two-way perimeter player in the mold of a Kwahi Leonard or Jimmy Butler, Jackson is the prototypical wing player for the Sixers preferred style of play and today’s NBA.

PG Markelle Fultz, Washington (Fr.)

Though Ben Simmons is expected to serve as the Sixers point guard moving forward, the team needs to pair him with another backcourt play-maker, and Fultz could fit the bill here. With the ability to play both on and off ball and space the floor with his shot, Fultz is the exact type of player that the Sixers should look to complement Simmons with.

PG Lonzo Ball, UCLA (Fr.)

Ball is an extremely intriguing option for any team with a high lottery pick, as he has an advanced skillset and on-court IQ. Though not a pure scorer, Ball’s game is well-rounded, and he can have an impact in a multitude of ways. At 6’6”, 190 pounds, Ball also has extremely solid size for his position.

SG Malik Monk, Kentucky (Fr.)

Monk is a straight-up scorer, and he could potentially provide the Sixers with that go-to perimeter threat that they have been lacking for years. His ability to space the floor and draw defenses projects to make him an excellent fit alongside Embiid, while his shooting off-ball compliment to Ben Simmons.

PG Dennis Smith, North Carolina State (Fr.)

Another potential point option for the Sixers to consider. Smith is explosive and athletic and projects to make a good fit in an up-tempo, transition-based style like the Sixers’.

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