The Philadelphia 76ers are in play this offseason.

The Sixers have interest in a plethora of potential free agent additions, and the vibe around the league is that such interest could be mutual, as some free agents across the league’s landscape have come to view the Sixers as an intriguing option.

No, the league’s top talents eager for immediate contention aren’t yet lining up to suit up for the 7-6, but that day may not be far away. In the meantime, the Sixers are drawing interest from some high-caliber veteran role players who are intrigued by the team’s young athletic core and ample cap space.

The Sixers aren’t looking to vastly compromise that cap space long-term, as they have to worry about re-signing their own young players down the line. They are however willing to pay – or even overpay – for veteran help in the short term that fits their needs and would help to facilitate the growth and development of their young core, both on and off the court. The organization is looking to add one – or two - established veterans this offseason to complement that core.

The Sixers are expected to pursue veterans J.J. Redick, Patty Mills, and Andre Iguodala, among others.

The Sixers will also ‘kick the tires’ on Sacramento Kings shooting guard Ben McLemore, the seventh pick from the 2013 NBA Draft, according to a source with team knowledge. It was announced on Wednesday that the Kings would not be extending a qualifying offer to McLemore.

McLemore’s first four seasons in the league have been underwhelming, but he is still just 24 years old and has a skillset that would mesh well with what the Sixers need at this point in time. With his stock down across the league, McLemore could be a relatively cheap option for the team to add some floor spacing.

There also remains the possibility that McLemore’s game would benefit from a change of scenery.  The Kings haven’t been a model of player development in recent years, after all. If McLemore was going to turn it around anywhere, Philadelphia - around other young, developing players under the tutelage of a passionate coach in Brett Brown - would be the place. The former Kansas Jayhawk could potentially be a good buy low option the Sixers.

In his four seasons in Sacramento, McLemore averaged 9.4 points, 2.6 rebounds, and 1.2 assists per game, while also shooting 35% from long distance.

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