The Philadelphia 76ers have a lot of options at the third selection spot in the ’17 NBA Draft and they are considering all of them.

With the draft now less than a week away, the Sixers continue to evaluate all options with the pick – including trading it, using it to move up in the draft, using it to move back in order to add an additional lottery pick, or simply making the selection themselves.

The most likely scenario is that the Sixers stay where they are and make the pick themselves, selecting whoever they feel to be the best available fit – whether that be Josh Jackson, Malik Monk, De’Aaron Fox or someone else entirely.

However, rumors about the Sacramento Kings’ interest in Fox – and their potential willingness to trade picks 5 and 10 to the Sixers for the 3rd pick and the ability to grab Fox – persist. If this was an offer that was actually available on draft day, there are indications that the Sixers would strongly consider it. In this scenario, the Sixers could still land a top-tier talent – let’s say Monk, or a perimeter player like Jayson Tatum – and another lottery-level player.

The possibility also exists that the team could trade the pick in some sort of a package in order to acquire an already-established star – Paul George and Jimmy Butler are two names that the team has expressed interest in in the past – but given the scarcity and demand of such players, such a deal seems unlikely.

While Ben Simmons was somewhat of a no-brainer as the first overall selection in a shallower draft last year, the Sixers have a myriad of options this year, any one of which could drastically impact the future of the franchise. It’s safe to say General Manager Bryan Colangelo is facing his first truly difficult draft day decision with the Sixers. With that in mind, the team will continue to evaluate options – and entertain offers – up until draft day.

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