It was all love on Tuesday night down in South Beach between Philadelphia 76ers' Small Forward, Jimmy Butler, and Miami Heat's retiring superstar, Dwyane Wade. Once upon a time, these two stars were playing beside each other for a short stint with the Chicago Bulls before both of them were sent off to different organizations. Wade would end up with the Cleveland Cavaliers as Butler would make a move to the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Similarly, both players would make yet, another move at some point as Wade reunited with his longtime franchise, the Miami Heat. Butler, well, he eventually ended up with the 76ers. Before Butler became the Sixers' closer though, there was a legitimate chance that he would end up down in South Beach once again with his former teammate, which he shared an alma mater with.

While the Heat were trying to pull the trigger on a trade to get Butler, Philly came out of nowhere with a deal that was too good to pass up in the eyes of the Timberwolves. Looking back at the situation, it was probably the best-case scenario for Jimmy Butler.

Not only because he gets out Minnesota, where he was clearly unfavored within the locker room, but also because his time in Miami could've been really awkward with Wade as the two shared some not-so-friendly words via Social Media this past summer. Fortunatley, Wade and Butler let bygones be bygones though, and the two embraced each other with respect after their final showdown on Tuesday night. And as a souvenir for Butler, Wade decided to make his last jersey swap at home with his fellow Marquette Golden Eagle.

Wade gifted Butler with a jersey while Butler and the Sixers gifted Wade with a comfortable night on the floor. As the short-staffed Sixers took it easy in a meaningless matchup against Miami, Butler didn't seem to over-enthusiastic on defense.

Neither did most of the Sixers as a whole, for that matter. In total, the Sixers let up 122 points in the blowout loss. Personally, Wade put up 30 points in his final game at home. As expected, he led all players on the court in shots by going 10-for-23 in 35 minutes. It was an ugly loss for Philly, to say the least, but at least the third-seed is already a lock.

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