The Markelle Fultz saga took another predictable turn on Sunday.

The team announced through a press release, that Fultz is out indefinitely with "soreness and scapular muscle imbalance," and he'll be re-evaluated in three weeks.

This comes just days after the team announced that Fultz would sit out the three games to rest his shoulder, with the third game being Wednesday night against the Atlanta Hawks.

On Friday's edition of the Sports Bash, I spoke with ESPN NBA Insider Kevin Pelton, who is based in Washington State and saw just about every one of Fultz's games at the University of Washington.

Pelton said the struggles of Fultz tells him there has to be something going on with the shoulder. This is a kid who shot 41% from three-point range in college, but all of the sudden, could barely reach three free-throw line.

"There was nothing to suggest he was going to have such a hard time making shots, or be so unwilling to attempt them," said Pelton.

Pelton also mentioned that Fultz was very confident with his outside shot in his one season at Washington.

"If he is healthy and able to regain his shooting form, this may quick all be forgotten," Pelton added.

Another thing Pelton noted was the Fultz, for a 18-year old freshman had tremendous poise.  That was the one word he used to describe him: "he was very poised for someone that was so young," Pelton said.

"This is very different that what I saw last year," Pelton said.


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