As a team, the Philadelphia 76ers have never made more three pointers in a single season than they did this year.

With over 800 made three’s (831 to be exact) on the 2016-17 season, the Sixers broke the previous franchise record of 764 made three’s in a season; a mark that stood for just a single season after being set last year.

The Sixers leading three-point shooter on the season is Robert Covington with 137 made three’s, followed by Nik Stauskas with 132. Ersan Ilyasova (107) and Dario Saric (105) also both cracked 100 makes on the season.

The Sixers have now set the franchise record for three-point production in each of the past five seasons – and every season since Brett Brown took over as head coach of the team prior to the 2013-14 campaign.

The number of total three pointers that the Sixers make – and attempt - in a season has jumped exponentially from 577 made three’s during Brown’s first season with the team to the record-setting 800-plus pace of the current campaign.



Philadelphia’s annual increase in three point production is obviously indicative of an emerging preferred style of play under Brown that is in line with the increased emphasis placed on the long-range shot throughout the league.

In short, don’t expect the mark set the season to last too long.

Team’s across the league’s landscape are relying on long range shots more than ever before. Despite setting an all-time franchise high with over 800 converted, the Sixers are still only 10th in the NBA in total three-pointers made on the season. Two teams – the Houston Rockets and Cleveland Cavaliers – have connected on over 1,000 three’s on the season.

The league is gravitating to the long ball, and clearly the Sixers are embracing the trend.



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