Here's what you missed on the Sports Bash Saturday with Matt Hammond on December 14:

-- Fear the trap game with Eagles-Vikings this Sunday, because no one's immune, good coaches, teams, players, included.

The Roundup 12:15 pm

-- Our whiparound of the top stories of the week that was.

(1) Is Jameis Winston a unanimous Heisman Trophy winner? Should he be?

(2) Johnny Manziel says he's NFL ready.

(3) Teddy Bridgewater considering staying at Louisville.

(4) Everett Golson re-enrolls at Notre Dame.

(5) Aaron Rodgers (collarbone) out for Packers-Cowboys.

(6) Phillies sign Roberto Hernandez (formerly Fausto Carmona).

-- SEC Championship Game loss to Auburn had to be a factor in decision to stay at Alabama for Saban, whose track record shows he likes to build and leave... on top.

FAIR or FAN? 12:45 pm

-- We weigh in on the top fan whines and gripes of the week: Were they FAIR? Or FAN?

(1) Should Chip Kelly have pulled Mike Vick vs. Lions?

(2) Should Chip Kelly have gone for two after the Eagles first score?

(3) Should Chip Kelly have sat LeSean McCoy vs. Lions?

(4) Does GM Ruben Amaro have a plan for the Phillies?

(5) Should the Phillies trade Jonathan Papelbon?

-- People still on the fence forget, "Prove it or lose it" isn't isn't a Nick Foles thing, it's an NFL QB thing.

Fantasy Fix // Wise Up 1:15 pm

-- Foles, Brady, Cousins, Manuel, Gore, Rainey, Cordarrelle, Burleson and MORE!

-- GB @ DAL (-6.5) ... DAL

-- KC @ OAK (+4.5) ... KC

-- SF @ TB (+5) ... TB

-- CHI @ CLE (+0.5) ... CHI

-- NYJ @ CAR (-10.5) ... CAR

Last Week: 1-4-1

This Year: 24-24-2

-- Guys like Saban don't worry about which job's better. Because guys like Saban make jobs what they are.

Sick Sound // Sick Story // Eagles Pick 1:45 pm

-- PHI @ MIN (+5.5) ... PHI



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