Here's what you missed on the Sports Bash Saturday with Matt Hammond on December 21:

-- Eagles failed last week against the Vikings, but that's OK. All the greats fail. A lot.

-- Expecting greatness from Foles? Why? All young QBs lean on defenses early.

The Roundup 12:15 pm

-- We whip around to all the week's top stories:

(1) Charlie Manuel expected to take job in Phillies minor league system.

(2) Allen Iverson tweets he wants "his Cowboys" to win this weekend.

(3) Orioles reportedly talking to Phillies about Jonathan Papelbon.

(4) NFL officiating office deems punters "defenseless" throughout down.

-- Matt reacts to Shin Soo Choo to Rangers 7 year, $130 million blockbuster.

-- Thad Young wants out of Sixers? Classic example of Penny Smart, Dollar Foolish.

FAIR or FAN? 12:45 pm

-- We take your biggest gripes of the week, tell you whether they're FAIR or FAN

(1) Should Chip have challenged on 3rd down last week vs. Vikings?

(2) Should Chip have gone for 4th and 1 from own 24 vs. Vikings?

(3) Should Chip rest his starters vs. Bears if Cowboys win at 1 pm?

(4) Should Chip have kicked deep last week vs. Vikings?

(5) Flyers over .500 and in playoff position -- THEY'RE BACK!

-- People totally writing off possibility that Chip Kelly leaves for Texas. Just because taking Texas job doesn't make sense to YOU, doesn't mean it wouldn't make sense to HIM.

Fantasy Fix // Wise Up 1:15

-- Cousins, Brady, Tannehill, Richardson, Jackson, Amendola, Crabtree and MORE!

-- NO @ CAR (-3) ... NO

-- DAL @ WAS (+2.5) ... WAS

-- MIA @ BUF (+2.5) ... MIA

-- IND @ KC (-6.5) ... KC

-- NE @ BAL (-2) ... BAL

-- This Week 2-4

-- Last Week 2-4

-- This Year 28-32-2

-- One thing that might make Chip Kelly think about Texas job: DeSean's tirade.

Sick Sound of the Week // Eagles Pick 1:45 pm 

-- Phillies PR parodies "What Does The Fox Say?" viral video.

-- Joe Namath "wanting to kiss" Suzy Kolber, on the 10 year anniversary.

-- CHI @ PHI (-3) ... PHI